– – – – – – NEW TUNES – – – – – –
Emil’s Motivecollection Vol.1

!! Emil’s Motivecollections !!
-> FullMoonRecordings

After the accumulation of all kinds of unpublished, left behind, studio-leftover,
old and new songs, I publish now every full moon, 2 solo tracks of the MotiveCollection Vol.1 “Solid Air I. T.”
Recordings & Mix by El Grande, Dubings & FX by Sir Dubface, all instruments by mi mi milio

– – – Tribute to Leonard Cohen Tour – – –
Bag of Screams

Since 2018, Silverpark is touring with a new program, tributed to Leonard Cohen. He was a big Influence to all of us,
but specialy to the Heart and Brain of Silverpark, Claus Lehner.

– – – NEW ALBUM – – –
Bag of Screams

A new train is born!
The Duo PEAL was foundet in october 2016, the very same day like this recordings. It was their first meeting as a DUO in the basement of the Audio Manufaktur in Vienna. Not planed to be released, Stefano Guist, who is allways digging for inspiring experimental artists, as a part of the Setola di Maiale Label in Italy, found our demos. Together with him and a fine-Mastering of Iztok Zupan, it was possible to release a great piece of improvised art !

Album Link


– – – Erich Schachtner Trio – – –

The Trio was founded 2016. They’ve record their first Album ROOMS (link) and played concerts through Germany, Austria and Hungary.

new FOTOS by Attila Simon

Erich Schachtner  – Gitarre, Ukulele, Baglama
Emil Gross – Darbuka, Perc
Aidan Burke – Viola


– – –  ALBUM REVIEW  – – –

New Article at about Generations Quartet – Flow
Budd Kopman’s Best Releases of 2016

Read the latest article about the newest Album of
Generations Quartet on
Recorded LIVE at Bunker Ulmenwall.
Bielefeld, Germany 2015
Link to Flow:
ORDER NOW: emil.gross[at]


Atlas Austria Express (MRC/AUT/DE)
-> open Dates 2019

AAEX Flyer FERTIG 30.07

New songs on youtube
open dates 2019 Europe
contact: emil.gross[at]


Kindred/Fonda/Gross Blues Trio

Upcoming Bluesclinic + Concerts throu south of EU in july – august.

 Cold Shot COVER [Outside]

Live record & mix & master by Iztok Zupan
Released von KLOPOTEC (SLO) und FRIMP (AUT) Records