– – – – – – NEW SOLO TUNES – – – – – –
Motivecollection Vol.2

!! Emil’s Motivecollections !!

After the accumulation of all kinds of unpublished, left behind, studio-leftover,
old and new songs, I’ll start puplishing my 2nd Smapler “Dubface EP”. Starring songs of the last 7 Years, recorded in my hometowns, Graz, Vienna and Berlin.
Recordings & Mix by El Grande, Dubings & FX by Sir Dubface, all instruments by mi mi milio


–   VOL. 2   –

Playlist of the second Roots-Reggae-Rocksteady-Dub Motivecollection “DubFace EP

–   VOL. 1   –

Playlist of the first progressive Motive Collection “Solid Air I.T.

– – – – – – Featuring Erich Schachtner – – – – – –

Beside of being a outstanding classical and E-guitar player, Erich has a great feel for writing tunes and jingles.
Last Septmeber we met Iztok Zupan of the slovenien Label Klopotec and did a spontanius recording of Erichs tune “One Hand Clapping”.

– – – – – – New Project – – – – – –
ArtP Project Adensamer/Perovsek/Gross

Anna, Bostjan and me came together, to gather 3 concepts of live-interactions.
Coming from Bio-Industrial Sampling, Livesampling, Interaction throu physical and musical improvisation.
The viennese organisation ArtP, gave us the stage to do a premiere!

– – – Tribute to Leonard Cohen Tour – – –

Since 2018, Silverpark is touring with a new program, tributed to Leonard Cohen. He was a big Influence to all of us,
but specialy to the Heart and Brain of Silverpark, Claus Lehner.

– – – – – – Featuring Bostjan Perovsek – – – – – –

In his sound reserch in industrial and natural sounds, Bostjan Perovsek came to Berlin to do some recordings of spiders.
Some days after, he already worktout the new recordings and showed it to the puplic in a live performance at Spektrum Berlin, together with me a drumset, looper and toys :).

– – – NEW ALBUM – – –
Bag of Screams

A new train is born!
The Duo PEAL was foundet in october 2016, the very same day like this recordings. It was their first meeting as a DUO in the basement of the Audio Manufaktur in Vienna. Not planed to be released, Stefano Guist, who is allways digging for inspiring experimental artists, as a part of the Setola di Maiale Label in Italy, found our demos. Together with him and a fine-Mastering of Iztok Zupan, it was possible to release a great piece of improvised art !

Album Link


– – – Erich Schachtner Trio – – –

The Trio was founded 2016. They’ve record their first Album ROOMS (link) and played concerts through Germany, Austria and Hungary.
Erch Schachtner Trio plays mainly compositions of Erich, mixed with traditionals of the balkan, anatolian regions and scotland

Erich Schachtner (GER) – Gitarre, Ukulele, Baglama
Emil Gross (AUT) – Darbuka, Perc
Aidan Burke (GB) – Viola


– – –  ALBUM REVIEW  – – –

Read the latest article about the first Album of
Generations Quartet on
Recorded LIVE at Bunker Ulmenwall.
Bielefeld, Germany 2015
Link to Flow:
ORDER NOW: emil.gross[at]


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