Unter dem Motto “Mit ana vereintn restFettn losst sih a jedes festRettn” treffen wir uns einmal monatlich, Samstag Vormittags, um in einem Nebel der Übernachtigkeit unsere Zustände zu vereinen und zu einem gemeinsamen Größeren zu bündln.

ab 08 uhr
Handelskai 206/parterre
U1, 11a, 11b – Vorgartenstrasse

Dumpsterer und Restlüberbringer erwünscht
Backline ist geboten (PA, Bass, Guitars, AMPs, Schlogwerk, Percussions, Keyboard, Didge)

nächste Termine HIER

presentet by Kulturwatsch’n

SKM Banda @ Makenntsi

Kulturwatsch’n presents:

ŠKM Banda -Štefan Kovač Marko banda (SLO)

Band members:
Mitja Sušec – el.guitar, ukulele
Iztok Koren – el.guitar, 12-string, banjo, kalimbe
Jernej Koren – bass, kalimbe
Jernej Sobočan – drums, glockenspiel

Entrance & Drinks: Pay-as-U-want

: 08:00 pm
Concert: 09:00 pm

1020 Wien; Handelskai 206/parterre/
a) with U1 @ “vorgartenstraße” + 5 min. walking, or
b) with U2 @ “messe-prater” + 10 min. walking

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We play instrumental post rock influenced by jazz, folk and noise music. Our songs are very dynamic, there’s a lot of rhythm / melody changes and silent / loud parts. Our music could be very emotional, soft and dreamy, as well as drivish, angry, explosive and uncompromised.
Our first four albums were based mostly on eletrical sound, but for our fifth studio album Panontikon, released in 2014, we add new accoustic instruments to our set up such as banjo, 12-string accoustic guitar, ukulele, xylophone, kalimba etc. and broadened our sound image.
All members of a group are also active in other bands or musical projects such as Hexenbrutal, Ludovik Material, Širom and in local club called Ambasada ŠKM Beltinci.
The band’s name refers to a local hero of World War II,
Štefan Kovač, nickname Marko.

Panontikon reviews:
This Slovenian group just settles in and makes fun, tuneful music that greets the ear with a warm smile and a big embrace.  Difficult not to like.

—This event is just for invited People and members of Kulturwatsch’n